Welcome to Waters Of Mercy Church

"We don't care how people come in the door, we just care how they go out"-                        Rev. Daniel Reed -Pastor

Reverend Daniel Reed & Mrs. Pastor (Bonnie)

Head PAstor

Meet Dan & Bonnie!  This dynamic duo shepherds the flock of Waters of Mercy Church fearlessly and unapologetically!  They have been married and doing ministry together for over 40 years.   

Stelson's Food Pantry

Tony & Sheree Upton

Through the church food pantry, our assistant pastor Tony Upton and wife Sheree organize & distribute food to countless families every month. 

Evangelist Isaac

Nakuru, Africa

Isaac, along with his wife and daughters, bless the people of his local and surrounding villages with both spiritual and physical food

Evangelist Benjamin

Kenya, Africa

Benjamin, along with his wife and son, have undertaken not only educating local children in their new school, using their newly dug well they have been able to learn about and instruct others on farming!

We know times are different and even difficult right now- it can be easy to feel lost.  We have multiple avenues available to connect with you and to help you feel connected to God and others in this time of "social distancing" and isolation.


Join us on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for Worship service!

1005 US 28, Milford, OH 45150 

Meet our head pastor, Reverend Daniel Reed & his wonderful wife who we affectionately refer to as "Mrs. Pastor".   Dan has been preaching and/or pastoring for over 45 years with his faithful wife beside him every step of the way.  


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1005 US 28
Milford, OH, 45150, US

About us

We are an independent Church of God that believes in miracles and is blessed to witness them often.  We believe in the spiritual gifts that were given and experienced on the Day of Pentecost and utilize the gifts we have while seeking the Lord's will.  We believe that if the Lord be lifted up, all men will be drawn nigh to Him.  In all things, in all ways, we believe that God is good. 

Waters Of Mercy Church