Give Me Jesus Dan 01-11-2015

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“Give Me Jesus Dan 01-11-2015”.
Come to the well…

John 4. This is about Jesus when he met the woman at the well. Today think about this story a little differently than you have in the past. Try to put yourself back in the time and place to where Christ was talking. Who was he talking to and why? Put yourself in the woman’s place, that you were at the well when Christ came, or put yourself in another persons place who brought her to the well. Sometimes we need to bring people to Christ or to church. We need to bring them to the Lord. I can’t save anybody, you can’t save anybody, but you can bring them to the Lord and let the Lord do the saving and the talking. Sometimes we’re the person who is there that Christ meets and sometimes we bring other people to Christ and tell them to talk to him. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pick people and bring them to Christ and have them talk to him for awhile? Tell them to talk to him about what they’ve been going through and their problems? Just talk to Christ for awhile. We talk about that frequently in church, you need to pray to God like he’s real. Whenever you bring someone to Christ, there’s times in life that we are happy and everything is going well and it doesn’t seem like there is a care in the world and other times we get down and out and everything seems like a problem. The good thing about a problem is there is an answer. If you can state the problem, Christ can state the answer. A lot of times in life we can’t state the problem. We need to kill the problem. We need to do digging and praying to get the problem to go away. Sometimes you need to be willing to fight. Talking to one of my daughters tHe other day (I have 4), I think three of them, I have had to tell the devil that it’s over… I’m taking back what’s mine, and I mean it. I’m going to win! Some of you have young children and are dealing with young children and it’s not always fun. It’s always good, but sometimes you have to be the parent and the spiritual strong one who says “I’ve had enough”. Ever had the time you talk to your dad when you’re young and he says, “I’ve had enough, it’s over.” Sometimes God tells us that it’s over and he’s had enough. The people in revelation God sent an angel to them who said, “If you don’t change this, our relationship is over.” A lot of times we can’t relate this to our home or children or family and God tells us the same thing! You either fight, and win, or it’s over. We need to realize sometimes that we represent God! We are a Christian! We call ourselves a christian and we go out to other places and we have to realize that I’m representing someone, God, the Christian faith. We are representing a lot of things! We have to watch ourselves, especially when we get to trouble or heartaches. Sometimes we don’t even expect the gifts that God gives us… will you take it or refuse? This is what’s going on in 4:10 here. OVer in verse 25 it says the woman sayeth unto him, I know that MEssias cometh which is called the Christ, when He is come, he will tell us all things. Jesus said unto her, I that speak unto thee am He. Christ is telling her if you’d have known, (sometimes Christ presents himself to us and we begin to reason with him what we think is reasonable, what we think is a good reason) and Christ said, if you’d have known who was talking to you and you’d have asked, then you’d have something inside that would change your whole life and everything about you. You’d have had that! If you go back to Jeremiah (waters of life freely, references the scriptures, where does it come from?) 2:13- for my people have committed 2 evils, forsaken me the fountain of living waters, hewn broken cisterns that can’t hold water. Jer. 17:13- they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living waters. Zach 14:8- Living waters shall go out from Jerusalem.  Sprit is referred to as living waters several times, and peter goes in to do exactly the opposite (you know what it is but what it’s not) 2 peter 2:17- Peter goes in and says the opposites. Peter says (paraphrasing) hey, I’m gonna tell ya what the living waters are not- clouds that are carried with a tempest…. speaking vanity, lust of the flesh., much wantonness, living in error, servants of corruption, bondage, entangled.   Revelation- the lamb shall feed & lead to living fountains of waters.Revelation 21:6- … of the fountain of the water of life freely Revelation 22- a pure river of water of life… Revelation 22:17- Come, take the water of life freely Whenever Christ met this woman at the well he’s telling her a lot more about the scriptures than we may have realized before. He says… if you come to me, i will give you waters of life freely. Christ said that. that you will never thirst again. What does that really mean? Christ is saying if you’ll come to him and put your heart and soul into him that yeah you may go through troubles, trials, but you will always have a remedy for the thirst. You’ll always have something to be able to draw in that’s not already contained in yourself. he said there are two problems people have had… cracked cisterns. Things people think will secure them, money, vacations, this will secure me for a long time… alcohol, drugs, different things thinking that it will make them feel good. People thinking this is something I can buy and have. what does Jesus say about this? He warns us against this and tells us to lay up our treasures in heaven.  There is a well in Ohio that people haven’t found the bottom of yet. Christ’s well is deeper than that! Whatever you put in there to try to find the bottom of his well that he has where water comes out freely to refresh your soul, whatever you try to find the bottom, will never find it. There’s something about the spirit of God when people turn their lives over to him, there is  refreshing and renewing there all the time. He didn’t say he’ll give us used water… his water will keep going and keep refreshing. He says we will have what we have when we need it because we will never use it all. you can get to the bottom of the cistern, A christian has something everyone else doesn’t always have. We have what he was offering the woman at the well. he has given me this thing that can keep me happy and refreshed all the time, and everyone may not always understand why you’re always happy. We are named waters of mercy for a reason, and the lord has put things in place for people to be able to receive from him what we have never had before. It’s about what God says and what God has promised and what he delivers. When he says he delivers this water of life freely to you no one can stop it, no one can plug the hole, and no one can stop it! God has this water for you and for me! If you want to challenge him like the woman at the well did, go ahead and challenge him. IF you want to challenge him with whatever problem or situation you have, challenge him. He has the answers.

Have you ever told people that you’re going to turn them over to God, to his judgement?  People need to be in the hands of God in His judgment.  The best thing to ever do when there is a situation is to turn it over to God.  Judgement is God’s.  Vengeance is God’s.   It’s not the church’s, Pastor’s, elders’ or anyone else!  It’s only God’s job to take vengeance.  Vow not to be vengeful anymore.  If someone says, “I hate you”. say, “God bless you”.  May God begin to bless people in a real way, may people begin to understand what it means to be baptized and born again. What it means to be saved and what a dreadful state we are in when we’re not saved. How bad of a state was the woman in who came to the well and met Christ and she went away. She never stayed and said, “Teach me master, let me be a partaker of whatever you’re talking about even though I don’t understand,” She went away. She went and told other people, yes, but she didn’t receive it herself.  
I can’t tell you how good God is unless I can feel it. Some people profess and some people posess. You can profess and still not possess. Many people in the world today know about God but they don’t know Him. The difference is when people can see that God is moving in their life. They’re beginning to possess what God gives His children. We have great gifts from God but we have to receive them. The woman didn’t receive what He had for her. He told her plainly,”I am He”.  Still, she went away and didn’t receive.  When you go to church every Sunday or every once in awhile and you hear the minister say the same thing, did you ever think that maybe the Spirit was telling YOU the same thing oer and over but telling everyone else a catalogue of information?  The Spirit may be hoping that one day you won’t just HEAR what is being said but that you’ll become a partaker of the Spirit.  The topic of this is- you know about God’s gifts, you’ve been here before, men have to get rid of pride, women have to get rid of pride, we all have to get rid of past hurt.  In Christ all things become new.  This woman made a choice that day and walked away.  You may have never been told that before, but she had a choice.  Christ said He’d save her, He said if yo’d have asked me, I would have given it to you.  He gave her the opportunity to be saved that day, He knew her past, SHE WAS NOT TOO BAD!  He said that He’d give it to her, despite her past.  She had been married several times.  If you think that is an unforgivable sin, it’s not!  If you think you’ve done too much bad for Him to forgive you, you’re lying to yourself. Guess who the author of lies are?  The one who can sit and write you a whole book of lies!  He came to devour, kill, steal, destroy, and He is proud of it.  You can have reference to that by looking in the yard of crosses (referencing our abortion memorial service.)   He doesn’t care about you.  Your daughter, your mother, your sons, he will have them in jail and bound up if he gets the chance.  Until parents start taking the role of being the mom and the dad you can expect it to continue and the prisons to keep filling up until they go back to the bible and see that it says, parents teach your children.  Make sure they know God’s laws and commandments and practice and exercise them.  If you’ve made mistakes, if I’ve made mistakes, I have to go to the same God and the same altar that oyu do.  If I err unknowingly and God reveals it to me and says you’ve offended this person- go fix it.  Guess what?  I have to go and fix it!  I may not agree with it but I had better think it’s right.  Sometimes pride gets in the way.  Men have a terrible time with pride.  They have a hard time saying that they were wrong and that they messed up and need God to forgive them.  It’s hard to say to God that we messed up and need help.  The first two things come easy (if others don’t hear us!) There’s such a refreshing of teh spirit and of the mind when you can lay it all down and say, “God, I’m tired of carrying all of this. The grief, responsibility, the load, anger, hatred, all these things.  I’m going to turn them over to you.”
God CAN fix it.    
People are never gonna be converted unless you keep the pressure on and you keep pushing.  If you came with a problem you need to leave it here.  If you came here with a sin or a problem against your brother, you need to leave it here.  We don’t know if the woman at the well was ever saved or not but we know it was offered to her and she left.  She told others to come and see, but she walked away.  What was in her mind that she thought everyone should know this, that this was important, but she didn’t take what was offered.  Why didn’t she believe and THEN go and then come back?  Do we do the same?  Come see the church I found… did you get saved… no… not yet.  Guys, ever get the doctor talk from your wife?  You should go to the doctor…. I don’t want to… You should it’s for your own good… Men are so hard headed!  Thank God we are!  Men- round of applause.  You need to be hard headed only in different ways.  Be hard headed about being a good person, steward, husband.  Be hard headed about that!  That will be profitable to God.  Diversity can be so much of a strength!  Men, women, children; diversity is not to be that everyone needs to be like you. We all need to be different for a reason but share in gladness for our differences that we possess to make a while.  Diversity is great but that’s not what runs people out of church.  It is people always wanting to be the same.  I don’t wanna teach the young kids or run the sound.  Diversity is great if you can appreciate it.  You can be a minister, teacher, preacher, you can be one of many things for God.  There are many things mentioned in Ephesians that you can be.  They’re all great things and great gifts!  Jesus is the answer to any problem.  anything that you can take to him- He can solve it.  We can get in touch with Jesus and I can take you to Him.  Are you willing to walk out into the water and be submerged into the waters of Life freely and say, “Lord, overtake my body.”  Let it go.  We don’t need the problems that come against us.  You can have the whole world but we need Jesus.  
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