March 2017

Stelson Preaching Pl Grove

Stelson at Pl Grove

Stelson funeral family

“Stelson funeral family”.

Stelson Preaching

“church”. Stelson preaching – Reverend Dan Reed’s Late Dad

Funeral Stelson

Pastor Dan preaches his dad’s funeral (Reverend Stelson Reed). “Funeral Stelson”. My Dad – Uploaded for those who would like to remember, family is important

Give Me Jesus Dan 01-11-2015

“Give Me Jesus Dan 01-11-2015”. Come to the well… John 4. This is about Jesus when he met the woman at the well. Today think about this story a little differently than you have in the past. Try to put yourself back in the time and place to where Christ was talking. Who was he […]

02-14-2016 – Fill the Void with Light

“02-14-2016 – Fill the Void with Light” by Dan Reed.

May 2016

05-01-2016 – Let the Chains Fall Off

“05-01-2016 – Let the Chains Fall Off” by Dan Reed.

04-24-16 – Holes in Your Bag

“04-24-16 – Holes in Your Bag” by Dan Reed.

April 2016

03-13-2016 – You Do It – Dan

“03-13-2016 – You Do It – Dan” by Dan Reed.

02-07-2016 – The Victory Dance – Dan

“02-07-2016 – The Victory Dance – Dan” by Dan Reed.

01-24-2016 – Liberty instead of Fear – Dan

“01-24-2016 – Liberty instead of Fear – Dan” by Dan Reed.

January 2016

12-27-2015 – Is God Still Working on You

“12-27-2015 – Is God Still Working on You” by Dan Reed.

12-13-2015 – Believing in Miracles – Dan

“12-13-2015 – Believing in Miracles – Dan” by Dan Reed.