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Welcome to Waters of Mercy Church of God Independent

Dan & Bonnie with their 4 daughters

Celebrating another Wedding anniversary!

Dan & Bonnie with most but not all of their grandkids!

Santa visited church!

Hat Day!

Questions that are frequently asked

What does your church teach?

We teach that the bible is the true inspired and written word of God.  We teach from both the new and old testament, we teach that miracles did and still do happen.  We teach that spiritual gifts are still in operation today, that a relationship with God is critically important and that each and every person from the moment of conception is intricately designed with great care by God. 

Do you have children's church?  What if I don't want to send my child to children's church?

We do offer children's church weekly during Sunday service and we have teen service every other week during Sunday service.  We allow and encourage "parenting from the pew" and absolutely don't have a problem with children, toddlers, or babies staying in service with their parents. 

We do live stream service for our members and guests who view from home.  Because of recording, we simply ask that the parents be sensitive to the noise levels of their children and if necessary take the little one out of the sanctuary to calm down if they become disruptive.  Thanks!

Do you have opportunity to serve or are all positions filled?

Thankfully we have people standing in and volunteering where needed as we wait for God to fill our positions. We have many areas for people to serve in. From music to children’s ministry to leading the youth our possibilities to serve and grow are boundless.

What times are services?

Sunday worship begins at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday and prayer meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

How does your church leadership operate? Lots of times we visit churches and get ignored by “everyone who thinks they are someone” ?

Our understanding of leadership is to lead like Jesus.  Jesus was humble enough to wash feet, serve others, and sacrifice His life for people who didn't even deserve it.  Our leaders are great followers as well and we believe constant discipleship and training are important in any ministry.  We are happy to hear from visitors time and again that they felt like family the first time they visited the church.

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From midweek prayer meetings to the growing children's ministry- we have a lot going on!  Click the coffee mug to get to know our team and a little more about what's going on!

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