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Many people find themselves educating children at home unexpectedly, caring for family members, coping with boredom, quarantine, and more! 

We want to help be a WAY MAKER and make things easy for you whenever and wherever we can!

No doubt, 2021 seems to have more tricks up its sleeve than 2020 did- so lets seek out the beauty that is most assuredly present, yes, even in the heartache.  

We created these pages for you to share, print, and distribute,  so that you can use them for entertainment, education, journaling, etc. 

Your imagination is the only limit! 

Christmas Questions 

Use these printables to have a fun and informative chat like we did! 

Christmas Questions -
Part 1

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Christmas Questions- 
Page 2

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We are an independent Church of God that believes in miracles and is blessed to witness them often.  We believe in the spiritual gifts that were given and experienced on the Day of Pentecost and utilize the gifts we have while seeking the Lord's will.  We believe that if the Lord be lifted up, all men will be drawn nigh to Him.  In all things, in all ways, we believe that God is good. 

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