“Never before…” 21 Reasons Why Christmas is Unique

 This list was presented to the congregation by Pastor Dan Reed at the Christmas Candlelight Service 2018
Adapted and posted by admin January 12, 2019

“Never Before Jesus”

  1. Never before has a birth been so well predicted.
  2. Never before have so many people predicted what would happen to a man after he was born.
  3. Never before had the world adjusted its time to match when a person was born (B.C. and A.D.).
  4. Never before have so many people celebrated the birth of a person.
  5. Never before have so many people traveled just to get a glimpse of where someone was born.
  6. Never before have so many congregations praised a name.
  7. Never before have so many songs been written about a person.
  8. Never before have so many lives been changed by a person.
  9. Never before had so many people yelled a name when they were experiencing life threatening moments.
  10. Never before had the world been changed by the birth of one person as much as Jesus.
  11. This birth has had more songs written to celebrate it’s holiday than any other noted day since time began.
  12. This birth has had more books written in reference to it than any other event in time.
  13. This birth has been the most notable birth across every culture in the world.
  14. No other name makes demons tremble as much as this one, “Jesus.”
  15. More songs have been written containing this name than any other name in history.
  16. Never before had a star announced the arrival of a person.
  17. Never before had a single prophecy caused so many people to search the skies for the sign of a birth.
  18. Never before had a virgin carried a baby.
  19. Never before had so many people traveled far distances, guided by a star to a specific location.
  20. Never before had it been said that even statues of gods attempted to bow down to a baby.
  21. Never before have you had the opportunity to celebrate this Christmas and join into the celebration of a life that gave so many a purpose to live.
Dreams depend on Him. 
Health seeks Him.
Marriages need Him. 
Families are cemented by Him.
Babies know Him. 
Angels still speak of Him. 
Songs still praise Him. 
Hearts are still mended by Him. 

Reverend Dan Reed is the Pastor of Waters of Mercy Independent Church of God in Westboro, Ohio

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