2 Timothy 2:15

Reverend Daniel J. Reed and Mrs. Bonnie A. Reed

Rev. Dan Reed has been preaching since he was in his teens and has been in pastoral ministry since 1979. He was trained in ministry from a very young age and comes from a long family lineage of pastors and ministers. Presently, Pastor Dan is blessed to serve as pastor for Waters of Mercy Independent Church of God in both Westboro, Ohio & Milford, Ohio.

Dan is a native of Clinton County, Ohio who studied business at Wilmington College and has since been honored with multiple business and citizen awards within his community.  He owns and operates a successful manufacturing company in Blanchester, OH that has the opportunity to bless and employ over 100 people.

Dan is a blessed, anointed, and clearly favored minister of God. He has a unique way of preaching the Gospel that helps people directly apply the timeless teachings of Truth to their everyday lives. He offers counseling services to his congregation and is a wise man of God. 

He and his wife, Bonnie, have been married since 1979. They are the proud parents of four married daughters and are the grandparents of ten wonderful grandchildren. 

His wife Bonnie is the fearless leader of ” Arms Wide Open “, the women’s ministry,  and leads the women of the group in teaching, advice, and biblical education.  She is the backbone of the church and it’s congregants.  The shining example of what a supportive and loving wife looks like.  Event planning and organizing are her forte and she is gifted and helping people’s visions come to life.  

She often operates behind the scenes, as she has never been one to enjoy the limelight, but we all know that without her careful prayer and consideration over all things, our church would would likely struggle to see ideas and passions come to fruition. 
Missionary Family in Nakuru, Africa

Meet Shirleen, Isaac, Peris, Naima

Meet this beautiful family of evangelists in Nakuru, Africa.  
Through a miraculous event that could have only been orchestrated by an all-knowing & living God, our church was put in contact with Isaac and his family.  
Upon sending funds to Isaac with the thought of assisting his own family, we learned that Isaac and his family dispersed the funds through food throughout his community.  
We were humbled and blessed that his first thought was to fund the church and the people, even before his own needs or wants.  
We continue to bless Isaac as we are able and we continue to be amazed at the manner in which he blesses others.  
Truly a man after God’s own heart, Isaac never ceases to amaze us, and never ceases his prayers for us.  
We have seen Isaac grow bolder and bolder in the faith and we know that many people are blessed by his family.  
Below are 2 links.  One is to view Isaac’s most recent sermon online.  The other is to donate to “Merciful Hands Foundation”.  To be sure that your donation goes directly to Isaac’s ministry, please choose “Merciful Hands Foundation” from the drop down menu. 
Consider donating, if you feel to, to “Merciful Hands Foundation”.  This is the ministry Isaac and his family have created  for God’s people on the other side of the world.  This family has shown time and again that their heart is after God and His kingdom and we know that you will be blessed knowing you assisted in his mission from God.